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Masonry Contractor in CT

Let Us Build Your Dream Backyard

At A.Q Masonry LLC we specialize in creating beautiful and functional hardscape solutions for your outdoor living spaces.

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Masonry Contractor in CT

Best Masonry Contractor in CT
About Us

A.Q Masonry LLC

At A.Q Masonry LLC we transform outdoor spaces into functional and beautiful areas for homeowners to enjoy. Our team of experienced hardscape specialists combines creativity and expertise to design and install custom hardscape features, including patios, walkways, retaining walls, and outdoor kitchens. Whether you're looking to enhance your property's value, create a backyard oasis, or simply add some functional hardscape features, we have the skills and knowledge to bring your vision to life. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

3D Rendering Services

With 3D hardscape modeling, clients can see a detailed and accurate preview of their project before it's built, giving them the opportunity to make changes and see the impact of their decisions in real-time. This technology provides a clear, accurate and cost-effective way to communicate design concepts and bring outdoor spaces to life.

3D Rendering Services

Services I Offer 

Interlocking Pavers

Interlocking Pavers

Pavers are a versatile and durable solution for hardscaping. Whether you're looking to create a patio, walkway, or driveway, pavers offer endless design possibilities to enhance the look of your outdoor space.

Masonry, Stone Veneer

Stone Veneer

Update your home's exterior on a budget. Facing your front steps is easy and affordable to boost your homes curb appeal. It is a very popular choice for hardscaping projects because it offers a natural look and long-lasting durability.

Masonry, Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are an essential component of any hardscape design, serving both functional and aesthetic purposes. Our experienced masons are skilled in building retaining walls of all shapes and sizes.

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Our Recent Projects:

At A.Q Masonry LLC, we are proud of the work we do and the satisfied customers we serve. Recently, we had the opportunity to work on a unique and challenging project that showcases our skills and expertise.

We were tasked with designing and installing a custom fireplace and outdoor entertaining area for a family in Connecticut. Our team worked closely with the homeowners to understand their vision and bring it to life.

Paver Patio, Masonry in CT

Paver Patio | Middletown, CT

Outdoor Patio, Masonry in CT

Paver Patio | Killingworth, CT

Paver Walkway, Masonry in CT

Paver Walkway | West Hartford, CT 

Stone Veneer Steps, Masonry in CT

Masonry Steps | West Hartford, CT

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